Introducing Avathon

About our new brand

A rich legacy, an evolving market

We are proud to carry a legacy as operators and investors that spans multiple decades. Over four years ago, we dedicated our work to the education and training markets and launched the Education Opportunity Fund. This has been a successful strategy and has allowed us to double our assets under management to over $400 million. Yet we believe an even greater opportunity lies ahead and that a new brand will allow us to showcase our distinctive point of view and style more clearly. 

Our identity

We chose the name Avathon Capital, which was coined from two ancient Greek words: “av” meaning “to bind together”, and “athon” from marathon. Our new name signifies the meaningful connections we make and the enduring success we want to help our partners achieve. Our visual identity includes a logo derived from the letter A that also represents the direct support we offer our partners.  

Creating new possibilities 

At Avathon, we have a running start. Avathon represents an evolution that combines decades of experience, deep relationships and a commitment to a more holistic view of investing. Together, our new name and visual identity reflect this vision and represent our commitment to supporting our partners as they build important companies designed for growth and impact.

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