2023 Avathon Advantage Report

We are excited to share the Second Annual Avathon Advantage Report

How We Think

We’ve done our homework.

As students of the future of education and work, we’ve put in the time to understand the market and we come to every meeting with a prepared mind and an informed point of view. We base our investments on six themes that underpin our thinking:


Enabling the globalization of education

The demand for high quality education is expanding, and immersive experiences are increasingly accessible for people interested in studying or working internationally.


Partnering with colleges and universities

The higher education system is under tremendous pressure. Institutions are seeking partnerships that can bring fresh ideas around growth and efficiency.​


Using advanced analytics to improve education and work

The strategic and appropriate use of analytics is critical for any organization seeking to build a defensible competitive position.


Reshaping the learner experience

Modern learning environments that foster collaboration and knowledge sharing result in better outcomes for individuals.


Implementing technology to improve engagement and efficiency

The best technologies are invisible and are designed with the user in mind. They often promote higher personalization, adaptability, and scale.


Promoting workforce capabilities

Coordination between employers, colleges, students and governments is required to better align education and skills training with job opportunities.

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