Avathon Capital Launches with Over $400 Million of Assets Under Management to Fuel Innovation and Impact in the Education and Workforce Management Markets

Sterling Partners’ Education Opportunity Fund Becomes Avathon Capital to Better Communicate its Vision and Investment Approach

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Education Opportunity Fund (“EOF”) has become Avathon Capital (“Avathon”), an investment platform committed to fostering innovation and impact across the education and workforce management markets. Led by EOF Co-Founders and Managing Directors Chris Hoehn-Saric, Shoshana Vernick and Jason Rosenberg, Avathon turns its expertise and relationships into a competitive advantage for its partners. Avathon is also excited to announce it has doubled its assets under management to $404 million since its launch in 2015.

Investing in education and training has grown more complex as these markets evolve and as innovation reshapes the future of learning and work. Although EOF has been successful in this changing environment, Avathon represents an evolution that combines decades of experience, deep relationships and a commitment to a more holistic view of investing.

Coined from two ancient Greek words, “av” meaning “to bind together”, and “athon” from marathon. Avathon signifies meaningful connections and enduring success and showcases its commitment to supporting its partners as they build important companies designed for growth and impact.

“Our team is so excited for this opportunity to share exactly who we are and what makes us unique,” Vernick said. “Executives and entrepreneurs want to know that they are in business with an investment partner that treats everyone fairly, that has put in the time to understand their market, and brings the relationships and expertise needed to make good choices along the way.”

Avathon’s flexible approach allows it to make both minority and majority investments. It seeks established businesses that have proven product-market fit and a clear path to profitable growth and impact. Avathon turns its relationships and experiences into a competitive advantage to offer its partners creative and long-lasting opportunities that benefit all stakeholders. Select examples of Avathon’s investments include:

  • Panopto, a video content management SaaS company, that generated over 22 million hours of video learning in the last 12 months and is transforming the way people across universities and corporations learn and share knowledge.
  • Academic Programs International, through its global network of higher education institutions, is enabling over 4,000 students annually to experience either education or work abroad experiences across nearly 50 cities in 25 countries.
  • The National Research Center for College and University Admissions (sold earlier this year) provides millions of high school students with access to college and career planning resources and thousands of universities with advanced enrollment management solutions.

“We’ve been successful in this evolving market for years, and our new brand will help ensure we are well positioned for the years to come,” added Rosenberg. “We will continue to go deep into the education and workforce management markets while taking a partnership approach to investing. When you hear about Avathon, meet our colleagues, or work with our companies, we want you to know that we’re committed to success and having a real impact.”

About Avathon: Avathon Capital is an investment platform with over $400 million of assets under management that is committed to fostering innovation and impact in the education and workforce management markets. Avathon’s principals are curious, creative, determined and thoughtful investors. They show up prepared and ready to turn their relationships and experience into a competitive advantage for their partners.

Avathon selectively targets opportunities where it can invest $10 to $50 million of equity capital and take a meaningful ownership position in companies with the potential to become enduring and strategically important businesses in their market. Avathon, headquartered in Chicago and a part of Sterling Partners, traces its roots to a 30-year history as operators and investors in the education sector. For more information visit:

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