2023 Avathon Advantage Report

We are excited to share the Second Annual Avathon Advantage Report


Avathon Companies

We partner with management teams and invest in companies that are shaping the future of education and work.

Academic Programs International

Already a top choice for students seeking credit-bearing study abroad programs, we partnered with the company’s founding “Four Mamas” to invest in market-driven learning and work programs and enablement technologies designed to enhance the student experience and elevate the strategic benefits shared across API’s global university network.

Themes: Partnering | Globalization

Investment Date: May 2018

Visit www.apiabroad.com to learn more.


We made an investment in Amerigo to help place and support promising international students at elite preparatory schools across the U.S. We partnered with a trusted CEO and together recruited an experienced leadership team to build the business.

Themes: Globalization | Learner Experience

Investment Date: September 2016

Visit www.amerigoeducation.com to learn more or download our case study here.

Big Blue Marble Academy

Matching idea and talent, we married proven executive leadership in the sector with an existing network of unique early education schools. Our schools are designed to open the minds and hearts of little learners and develop citizens of the world at a young age, while our investment capital is aimed at enabling ground-up development and market expansion through acquisition.

Themes: Learner Experience

Investment Date: November 2018

Visit www.bbmacademy.com to learn more.


This category-defining, user-centric technology platform is enhancing worker development and productivity across the globe. Brought to the table from our experience in the learning markets, we partnered with the company’s founder and existing investors to further fuel innovation and expansion.  

Themes: WorkforceTechnology | Analytics

Investment Date: November 2019 – May 2022 (partial sale)

Visit www.edcast.com to learn more. Download the investor perspective here.


Edvance, formerly known as the Student Resource Center, enables labor unions and other professional associations to offer “education-as-a-benefit” to their members. Edvance facilitates access to an affordable college education for over 18 million labor union and professional association members and their families across the country through a tuition assistance program.

Themes: Workforce | Partnering

Investment Date: June 2021

Visit edvance.org to learn more. 

Galileo Learning

Galileo’s award-winning, STEAM-oriented programs have developed an innovator’s mindset in hundreds of thousands of children. We partnered with the company’s founder to further Galileo’s impact by expanding its reach to more learners across the country.

Themes: Learner Experience

Investment Date: April 2021

Visit galileo-camps.com to learn more.

Hudson Global Scholars

We gathered a team of trusted executives to build a business bringing high-quality, US, K-12 education to students around the world. From that, Hudson was born and we are expanding its global reach to help more students prepare for success in university classrooms and beyond.

Themes: Globalization | Technology

Investment Date: April 2019

Visit hudsonglobalscholars.com to learn more.

Magical Beginnings

Magical Beginnings is a network of early childhood education schools in the Greater Boston Area. The organization provides high-quality, education-based programs for children ranging from infant through pre-K, creating a strong foundation for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Themes: Learner Experience

Investment Date: September 2023

Visit www.magicalbeginningslc.com learn more.


We partnered with NRCCUA’s 30-year owner to reinvent how the organization empowers high school students in their pursuit towards college and career and also how it enables thousands of universities with smart enrollment management solutions. Together with our new partner, we recruited a new CEO and embarked upon a strategy to drive wider reach and impact.

Themes: Analytics | Partnering

Investment Date: February 2016 – February 2019

Visit www.encoura.org to learn more or download our case study here.


Video is transforming the way people learn, collaborate and share knowledge. We partnered with the company’s founders and existing investors to double-down on their efforts in the education market and to accelerate their traction into the enterprise learning and communication market.

Themes: Technology | Learner Experience

Investment Date: August 2016 – December 2020

Visit www.panopto.com to learn more or download our case study here.

Reading Plus

Arm in arm with an Executive in Residence, we set out to identify high efficacy K12 digital
solutions that were adaptive and personalized to each student’s needs. Search no more, we welcomed Reading Plus into our network, which is a proven SaaS platform that helps students improve their reading skills.

Themes: Technology | Learner Experience

Investment Date: May 2019 – August 2021

Visit www.readingplus.com to learn more.


ReUp is the market leader in partnering with universities and community colleges to find, engage, and empower stopout students and adult learners to achieve their education and skilling goals. Our investment in the Company will fundamentally expand upon ReUp’s current capabilities and enable it to further serve all adult learners irrespective of their starting point.

Themes: Technology | Workforce | Partnering

Investment Date: August 2021

Visit www.reupeducation.com to learn more.


Founded in 2013, Shorelight works with top-tier universities to design strategic programs that inspire the next generation of international students. Alongside current shareholders, we made an investment in the Company to fund cutting-edge in-person and live technology that delivers on the full promise of a U.S. learning experience or degree.

Themes: Partnering | Globalization

Investment Date: January 2020

Visit www.shorelight.com to learn more. Download the investor perspective here.

Summit Professional Education

Founded in 2004, Summit is a provider of in-person and online continuing and professional education courses for physical therapists and assistants, occupational therapists and assistants, and speech language pathologists.

Themes: Workforce | Learner Experience

Investment Date: April 2024

Visit www.summiteducation.com to learn more or download our case study here.

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